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From time to time SIG will write about particularly timely and important topics. After these letters are communicated to our clients we are happy to share them here, please enjoy!

Seeking the Opportunity to Create a Better Firm

As Sargent, McGregor, and Rosenberg examined their future in financial services, they saw a trend emerging among successful advisors: Many advisors were transitioning away from traditional, stock-picking brokerage models and were instead moving their practices toward a state of freedom as full-service independent advisors.

“Working within the framework of any large BD or wirehouse has changed over the years,” said McGregor. “Likewise, there has been substantial change on the RIA side. A lot of assets have left wirehouses and transitioned to RIA platforms. We felt like there was an opportunity for us there as well.”

Indeed, the typical breakaway story goes something like this: A high-performing team of advisors becomes dissatisfied with their wirehouse because of proprietary products, revenue structure, and limitations and restrictions on resources like technology, and they seek out independence as a way to take control of their business and provide an experience that can far exceed their clients’ expectations.

According to McGregor, the story of Sargent Investment Group’s beginning was similar, though it lacked the same level of dissatisfaction with their previous employer that many firms express. Rather, Sargent Investment Group simply saw an opportunity to create a business model that could give them true freedom to do better by their clients—once that motive was established, there was no reason not to pursue it. Read the full case study here

In the News

50-year, $800M Wells Fargo team opens RIA

After more than a half century at Wells Fargo, advisor Christopher Sargent decided to make a change — and retirement wasn’t it. Together with his partners, Ricardo Rosenberg and Brian McGregor, Sargent launched an RIA, Sargent Investment Group, and moved over $800 million in client assets, according to their custodian, TD Ameritrade. Read more